How does SEO work?


If you are wondering how SEO works, look no further, we are here to simplify it for you – with pictures!


Google sends out bots which are called spiders that crawl websites on the web.


The spiders add pages which are adequately optimised and catalogue them in the Google index, much like files in a massive filing cabinet.


When a website user enters a word or phrase into the Google search bar, Google pulls out a website from their index that best matches their search query and displays it in order of relevance to the query.

Optimised website pages in Google’s index is where we fit in. Our gurus apply technical tweaks, processes and content to your website, online business profiles and social media in order to satisfy the spiders’ requirements. This means that when the spiders crawl your website, they will find your site to be optimised and catalogue it accordingly within the index. If your website is optimised properly, it will start ranking better on Google’s search result pages and eventually we can help you get to page one of Google!


How does SEO affect my business?

Being visible on the first page of Google when consumers are searching for services, products or information that relates to your business is like #winning the lotto. Having a good-looking website is no longer good enough to garner leads or interest in your business, your website must be optimised to Google’s standards. With our help, we can increase organic traffic that will rank your website on page one over a few months. Typically, a well optimised website takes anything between 3 and 12 months to start ranking in Google’s top 10 search page results. SEO is not a quick fix.
If your website is expertly optimised, you can outrank the competition for a bigger piece of the search results pie. A bigger piece of the pie means more website visits which can turn into leads and leads into sales.

Why does it take so long to rank properly?

The primary purpose of Google is to give consumers what they are looking for. Google wants to offer the highest-quality search results that best answer the user’s search query. Search engines are built for the consumers who use them and not for businesses that appear on them. There are more than 200 ranking factors that the search engine bots evaluate when crawling a website. If your website satisfies these requirements, your webpage or site will be indexed accordingly. The mission of a SEO guru is to adhere to as many of these requirements as possible. More factors answered equals better ranking juice.
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The bots ‘watch’ how consumers behave on websites and how they react to the content before deducing if they are rank worthy or not. This is part of the reason it takes the better part of a year to rank on the first page. Another reason that adds to the wait, is the age of a website. If a website is younger than two years old, chances are it won’t rank high quickly. Keyword research and quality content also take time, copywriting for SEO has become a time-consuming process as there are various checks that need to be applied before it can be placed online. Link building has also become an intricate process, as a lot of thought and time go into generating high-quality or authoritative links.

The signals the bots rely on from your social media accounts are also a factor which adds to the time it takes to rank properly. Unless your content suddenly goes viral (every digital marketer’s dream), social media platforms also take time to build and improve on. Community engagement is extremely important to Google, and the more your content is interacted with and shared, the more authoritative you look, and the better your chances for ranking high are.

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