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How do I get found online?

Why is my business doing so badly? Why have my sales stalled? Why can’t I compete in my industry? Where have all my customers gone? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are in big trouble, especially if you do not have an active and relevant online footprint! Don’t despair! We are here to help you! We can help you answer the age-old question: ‘How do I get found online?’

Pull up a chair and lend us an ear or two as we delve into the world of online visibility and good old search engine optimisation! SEO and online visibility go together like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, like cookies and cream, like cheese and wine or peanut butter and jam! Without SEO, being found online will be as successful as throwing a deck chair off a sinking ship. In today’s technologically driven world, we are still astounded that business owners do not believe in SEO or digital marketing. As the world is comprised of digital citizens, why would you dig your heels in and die on the ‘I don’t need SEO’ hill?

The digital age is in full swing, and SEO or digital marketing are no longer buzz words or new concepts, they are in fact widely practised professions in the world of marketing and lead generation. If you expect business growth, you will need to actively work on the basic fundamentals of digital marketing and optimisation. How do I get found online can be answered. So, let’s jump in…

The fundamentals of great online visibility

1. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the practise of employing technical fixes to a website that improves organic traffic to the website. These practices generate quality leads by improving the visibility of a website in search engines. SEO is a long-term commitment, but the payoff is proven to more than justify the investment. With a grounded search engine optimisation strategy in place, your website will start ranking higher in Google search results and your traffic to your website will ultimately increase. Not only will traffic increase, it will be quality traffic – leads will be relevant to your product or service you advertise.
2. Keyword Research
Part of being found online is the process of thorough keyword and competitor research which when applied properly to your website, can skyrocket your ranking and conversions over time. With a targeted approach, the appropriate use of keywords and phrases in your website content will deliver quality leads in response to your desired call of action.
3. Mobile
A website that is not responsive, is a website that is irrelevant and ignored. As almost 68% of the global population owns a mobile device and 65% of Google searches are performed on mobile phones, a website not built for a mobile platform is a low ranking one.
4. User friendly websites
Search engines are built for users and not for competing websites. If a user enjoys browsing your website and returns to do so, you have yourself a winner! Websites that are not only responsive, but user friendly and attractive are a great way to be found online.
5. Defined target audiences
The spray and pray method of marketing is not only a waste of time but of money! Why speak to everyone when you can speak to the people who are in the market for what you offer? If you want online visibility, you need to curate content that attracts and keeps the attention of your desired audience. Therefore, defining your target audience upfront, will enable you to hit the online nail on the head, every time.
6. Relevant content
Your SEO and online marketing efforts are only as good as your content. If you produce content that is targeted to your audience, which is relevant and shared often, you are on your way to online fame. Creating and publishing content which pleases your online audience and encourages engagement is the most powerful tool in being found online. If your content goes viral, then you have struck the SEO jackpot!
7. Social media
You cannot SEO without a social media community. Fact! SEO depends on various technical factors to rank your website well in search engines, if you don’t have an active social media community, the social signals will be lost to Google and your website will struggle to rank. Social media influences search engine optimisation, the better managed your social media platforms are the better you will rank!
8. One cannot SEO alone
SEO on its own is not a great online visibility strategy. This is in fact not fake news! Search engine optimisation is only one weapon in your arsenal of online marketing tools. Similarly, SEO is a long-term investment, the technical aspects of SEO have to be attended to on a weekly, if not, daily basis. Upon entering into an optimisation agreement, one should be prepared to accommodate the need for updated content, blogs, social media and online marketing listings. By addressing optimisation needs holistically, better online visibility is achieved.
9. Local search listings
Aha! Local search is where its at! Ensure your online accounts are active and complete so that you can be found in your area. Maintaining your Google business profile is recommended as Google’s local search pack is where you want to appear. If consumers are searching for services or products located close to them, you cannot afford to lose out on this goldmine of search activity.
10. Website authority
All websites want to be seen as the big dog when Google’s bots crawl your website. These little spiders pick up on certain aspects such as your domain age and whether your site has quality backlinks that beef up your street cred. These links are seen as credible votes from one website to another and Google loves backlinks like a kid loves candy!
These are only 10 very basic cogs of the online visibility machine. If you consider that over 250 technical aspects are considered by Google’s algorithm when ranking a website, you will understand why search engine optimisation has become a profession and practice in its own right.

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