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What the Google May 2020 Core Update will mean for your website

Search engine optimisation is governed by Google search algorithm objectives. An algorithm is defined as a set of rules intended on solving a problem in a certain number of steps. Google’s algorithms aim to find the best answers to users asking questions on the internet. Not just on the internet but on Google’s website browser. Google releases close to 1 000 updates to its algorithms in a year but broad core updates are done roughly 16-20 times in a year.

The latest update, May 2020 Core Update, has meant that SEO practitioners have had their hands full trying to adjust their sites accordingly. The timing of the update was crazy too – amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We certainly had our hands full!

So, what does this update essentially mean?

Local Search

If you have been focussing on your local search efforts, you will remain favoured by the update. Google intends to help its users by serving up the best results especially if they are searching for services, products, or information in proximity to their location.

Relevant Content

If you use content to fill up space or waffle on about information that is incorrect or just plain nonsense, you will be penalised. Google wants to offer up the most relevant results related to topics being searched because it wants to please the user and not the website.

Thin Content

Now if you did not include enough relevant content and just briefly touched on a subject on your website page, you will be penalised too. Using internal links on your page to compensate for content just won’t cut it anymore.


This update seems to favour expertise and first-hand experience in content. If you have thought leaders contributing to your blogs or website, you are in for a stellar rise in ranking.

Search Intent

If you are not building and writing content meant for users that is related to their search queries, you won’t rank well. Ever. Google favours the website that caters for search intent as much as possible. Build websites intended to help users as much as possible.

Site Speed

This is probably the biggest card puller in the deck of great SEO. Fast loading site speeds, especially on mobile is favoured by Google.


If you have done your utmost to improve user experience and accessibility on your site, you will be favoured by the algorithm gods. Sites built for intended users are sites that rank well.
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