Expecting magic from SEO? 

Clients expect a lot when they sign up for SEO Services with an agency, and rightly so! Unfortunately, we still deal with those clients who want a fly-by-night quick fix and magic potion kind of SEO that will take them from page 78 of Google to organic ranking #1 in 24 hours! This is not possible unless your company goes viral for something entertaining or relevant – which is like finding a needle in a haystack anyway.

What you can and should expect from your agency is clear communication on what your specific SEO strategy will entail, how they will get you there, and them delivering on their word.

What to expect from your SEO service provider?
  • Transparency
    SEO is not a cloak and dagger or code that can be cracked. Your agency should be able to tell you how your ranking efforts are being taken care of. This should include a website audit, keyword research, competitor analysis and a strategy on how to tackle these issues.
  • Realistic expectations
    If your SEO agency has promised you quick rankings, a healthy dose of scepticism is advised. SEO is a long-term strategy and no quick fixes are possible. A site can take weeks to months to rank depending on what is needed on and off-page.
  • Monthly reports and feedback
    A monthly report on how your website is fairing can be expected as well as feedback and recommendations with such reports. Never be afraid to ask questions.
  • Dedicated support
    You should be able to speak to your account manager during work hours. Logging call tickets to speak to your SEO service provider is no way to do business. Look for that personal connection.
  • Continuous SEO practices
    Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process which is worked on weekly, if not daily. Technical fixes, content and algorithm updates mean that SEO is done continually, not once-off.
  • Long-lasting relationship
    The best way to rank and to ensure your website rankings are insulated, is to build a good relationship with your agency who look after your interests year after year. No SEO contract should run for less than 12 months, so before you appoint an agency, consider whether this is a team that will walk a long SEO journey with you and your business and whether you can nurture a lasting relationship with this team.
  • Well researched and thorough SEO strategy
    You should expect a strategy that answers your business needs and goals. An SEO agency is in the business of increasing your bottom line by sending quality leads your way.
  • Shared common goal
    Your agency should care as much about your goals as they do their own. After all, if your business does well, their business will do well. A good way to determine if an agency is worth it’s weight in gold, is to read their reviews.
What not to expect from your SEO service provider:
  • Page 1 ranking overnight
    This is not possible. Ever. SEO is a long-term game; overnight fixes are not obtainable due to how Google crawls the web.
  • Immediate increase in organic traffic
    As above, signing with an SEO service provider will not automatically increase your web traffic the following day. The process takes much longer than a day.
  • Viral content
    One cannot create content to be viral. Viral content that is shared significantly is content which was created, and it had the ability to ‘go’ viral. This content is not in the hands of the agency but rather the internet of things.
  • Short-term contract
    As we mentioned before, SEO is not a one-day game. You should be in it for the long haul!
Reach out to us to see what our SEO Services entail, speak to us about our SEO packages today. We do the technical stuff so you can focus on the business stuff.